About us

de Mestre wines is a cool-climate vineyard located in an isolated valley in mountain country on the western side of the Blue Mountains, approximately 200 km west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The vineyard is planted on a gently-sloping, north-facing hill that peaks at approximately 900 metres above sea level. It is not unusual for snow to fall in the vineyard during winter.

Vineyard soil is classified as Sofala Volcanics, estimated to be approximately 460 million years old (Ordovician). It consists of lavas, volcanic ash, fine to coarse grained basaltic sandstone, breccia mudstone and rare limestone. Interestingly, marine deposits are present even though the vineyard site is approximately 750 metres above sea level.

Varieties planted are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Viognier. Crop levels are small, being approximately one and half tonnes per acre as our aim is to produce small berries with intense flavour and colour. The vines are pruned and thinned by hand with each vine treated as an individual with balance being the objective. Only estate grown grapes are used in our wine.

Due to the altitude, there is an extended ripening period in Autumn. Early frost and cold night time temperatures ensure enhanced flavour development and cool climate characteristics.

The grapes are hand picked and transported a short distance to our winery located in the vineyard. The grapes are immediately crushed and after fermentation placed into French and American oak barrels for extended maceration.

There is minimal intervention in the winemaking process as we aim to capture the flavour of the grapes at the time of picking. Our objective is to produce as natural a product as possible with a true reflection of both the vineyard site and the season of each vintage.

Do not expect our wines to be the same year in and year out or to be similar to other wines. Do expect a wine that is unique and that varies yearly in flavour and texture in response to nature’s elements, flows and the unique ‘terroir’ of our vineyard location.

We hope that each years vintage will be received with anticipation by those that buy our wine wondering what natural flavours and textures the vines have produced in response to that years climatic conditions.

At present there are cellar door facilities available by appointment only when stock is available.